• Water-repellent performance: AquaShield zippers have excellent water-repellent performance, effectively preventing water, rain, and mud from penetrating, keeping the contents inside the bag dry and safe. Barrier material itself has waterproof properties, enhancing the water repellent effect.
  • Durability: AquaShield zippers are durable and can withstand long-term use and repeated opening and closing, with a long lifespan. It is designed to has excellent abrasion.
  • Soft & Flexible: AquaShield zippers have a soft texture and will not become stiff below -40 degrees Celsius making them suitable for use in various environments and weather conditions.
  • Environmental friendliness and health: AquaShield zippers do not contain harmful substances and comply with international environmental standards, making them harmless to the environment and human body.
  • Dustproof performance: Aquashield zippers have dustproof performance, effectively preventing small particles such as dust and sand from entering the bag, protecting the cleanliness and hygiene of the contents.
  • Corrosion resistance: Waterproof zippers have corrosion resistance, can withstand the corrosion of chemical substances, acid rain, and other corrosive substances, and prolong their service life.
  • UV resistance: Some of the Aquashield zippers have UV resistance, can effectively prevent UV damage to the contents, especially suitable for outdoor use.
  • Anti-static performance: Waterproof zippers have anti-static performance, can effectively prevent static electricity generation, and avoid damage to the contents caused by static electricity.
  • Easy to clean: Aquasheld zippers are easy to clean, only need to be washed with water or mild detergent, and are not easy to leave stains.
  • Wide range of applications: AquaShield zippers have a wide range of applications and can be used in various products such as backpacks, raincoats, phone cases, and more


Enquires to Bangbanson® zippers sales department hk@bangbanson for further details.


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