4-Way Stretch Seam Tapes

BangBanson’s 4-way stretch tapes are ideal for sealing seams on elastic fabrics. They use fabrics that stretch lengthwise and sideways to seal the seams of dive suits, swimwear and other stretchy products. The tape stretches and recovers with the garment, without restricting wearers’ movement.


Waterproof 4-Way Stretch Tape

4-Way Stretch Tape


4-Way Stretch Fabric+Film+Hot Melt Adhesive


BMK-432A Black Waterproof 4-Way Stretch Tape

BMK-432A White Waterproof 4-Way Stretch Tape

BMK-422A Black 4-Way Stretch

BMK-422A White 4-Way Stretch

Standard Specs



Application Stats

480°C-530°C, 2kg, 5-10m/min


Eco-friendly, 4-way stretch and recovery, strong penetration and grip on fabric, great bonding strength, excellent washability, abrasion resistant

Used on

For nylon, polyester, blends, cotton, leather and other fabrics


Suitable for nautical suits, diving suits, hats, fishing suits, sportswear and other types of clothing decoration

According to different application machines and Fabric will have adjustable data, All data are for reference only. Please get in touch with our sales reps for Further more accurate & up-to-date informations