About BangBanson

Our History

BangBanson® is a Innovative Sewfree bonding solution partner, dedicating Endless imagination on Outdoor wear, Seamless wear Construction, We are everything bonding guided by Vision and So much more. We deliver innovative bonding solutions that push the boundaries of what’s possible, over 35+ Years the collaboration we find with our partners puts us in a position to innovate and explore with them hand in hand. We adhere to one principle — Sustainable Eco-friendly bonding solutions


Since its inception, the company has been led by hot melt bonding expert Simon Leung, with a team of experts in hot melt bonding and Hot melt machinery to conduct in-depth development on the physical properties of sustainable eco-friendly raw materials, We developed a range of functionally superior seamless bonding products. Our future-focused bonding technology always drives us to became a reliable associations that promises efficiency and productivity. We play an crucial role as a partner for Leading seamless brands, by deliver wide-range waterproof accessories from Sew-free Bonding film, Seam sealing tapes and Leading quality Water repellent zippers, we enhancing brands’ innovative design. 

BangBanson® Headquartered in Hong Kong – Our delivery of improved construction, environmental stewardship and amazing performing bonds trusted by the world’s greatest technical outdoor fashion brands, The integrity always lead us to spark ideas and advanced vision.

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Our Global Network

We have affiliates established in 5 locations, including Europe(Portugal), the ASEAN region(Bangladesh, Vietnam), China and Singapore. These areas serve as key factors in the implementation of BangBanson® techniques and to construct a global network capable of prompt response. The branch offices play an important role in enabling us to take in the latest information from around the world and share it. This international network has given birth to strong bonds and collaboration through which we can extend and enabling us in achieving high-speed product supply. These are important elements that shape the BangBanson® of today and will shape the BangBanson® of tomorrow.

Full Industrial Chain

BangBanson® one-stop factory handles multiple processes for making thermo-adhesives tapes, specialty film for bonding solutions and full range of zippers within short lead times, from raw materials to constant testing in every step.

With our patented technology and advanced production lines, we can meet any line for standardized or customized thermo-adhesives tapes/ films and zippers, keeping every detail in mind throughout the process. 

Through our experience, patented technology, and R&D equipment, we design, create, and construct cool stuff and we are constantly developing new technology to enhance the performance of our products while delivering sleek aesthetics and durable applications.

Along with national standards, we comply with ISO 9001:2015 and OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 which ensure our products have been tested uniformly and are safe to use.

In-house Laboratory

To assure high quality and safety, we have set up an in-house laboratory where we carry out strict inspections for conditions such as hydrostatic pressure, durability, washability and temperature resistance. By internalizing inspections rather than entrusting them to an outside agency, we can achieve speedy quality checks and prompt responses on choosing the most reliable accessories for any time-critical projects. This enables quick supply. We believe this to be the value we provide through acting as an technical garment accessories company.

Email us for samples or tests.Let us know if you require custom made tapes or if you need support in developing a new product. Our tech department will use their extensive product knowledge to help your brand grow.


In the age of smart fabrics, innovation is now more important now than ever in our line of work. Our research team is constantly improving the bonding strength, washability, appearance, and comfort of our products. We stay ahead of the trends to help you stay ahead.


We are here to serve. Our mission is to help clothing brands and designers achieve that unique look and high performance you’re striving for.


Nothing is more important than quality in what we do. That’s why we take pride in our honesty, our high standards, and our thoroughness.


Nothing is more important than quality in what we do. That’s why we take pride in our honesty, our high standards, and our thoroughness.


Nothing is more important than quality in what we do. That’s why we take pride in our honesty, our high standards, and our thoroughness.