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From Design,
Manufacturing, to Delivery.

Resin zipper is made of injected plastic elements, such as polyacetal resin. It is lighter than metal zippers of the same size. Rich element color variations are created by formulating the color pigment during the injection process. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, our skill and mastery of the craft are exemplified by the swift production, robust design, and superior quality of our resin zippers. We ensure new ideas and concepts at all times, utilizing state-of-the-art machinery and expert craftsmanship to meet your zipper needs.

        Versatile &

With BangBanson®, resin zipper teeth and tape are highly customizable in colors, shapes and materials.

We can mix & match various materials to meet whatever you expect on appearance and function, including but not limited to, Luminous / Reflective / Magnetic / Multi-Tone Color / Electroplated Luster / Transparent, and etc.

* Due to the vast variety of models. Please contact us if you have further enquiries.
* Production time of special tapes is longer than normal tape.

   Magnetic™ Range


Convenient Quick Snap

Stopper automatically aligns itself with magnets when near, giving up the traditional cumbersome zipping actions and eliminating snags or jams.

Easy One-handed Zipping

Effortless one-handed zipping, even with gloves. Ease of use for athletes, children, fitness enthusiasts, seniors & the disabled.

   Quick Release

   Top-Open™ Range


Quick Life Saving

This zipper is designed for quick release application in an emergency. Our Quick Release range zipper let firefighters and militaries stay out of any danger.

Pull Up & Open !

This item enables you to quickly open the zipper from the top. By pulling up the slider using a little more pressure than usual, the slider will be disengaged and release from one side of the zipper teeth.


  Designed to be
    Vibrant & Durable.

Unlimited Color Possibilities

We select the color of our zippers through GCC national cards and CCC color cards that are standardized and easy to select from. By using quality dyes and conducting color fastness tests, we ensure that every set of zippers shares the same color consistency.

Pantone Color Available

Alternatively, we can reach different hues and shades to give your zipper sets a unique effect for your customers. We use premium grade dyes, which allows our coil zipper reaching 4-5 grades of color fastness.

Unlimited Imagination
on Slider & Puller


To Express your
Brand Identity

Choose our custom sliders and pullers made for easy pulling and sliding without causing any stress or damage to our zippers. Made with different designs, shapes and looks, our sliders and pulls are efficient zipper parts and personalized by our team to express your brand identity to a wider audience.

Acquiring quality raw materials from suppliers, we process them within our advanced production lines that shape them within your required sizes. Get in touch with our team for more details.







Complied with GRS

With our environmental responsibility strategy, we use high quality recycled materials for the fabric portion of our zippers. BangBanson® never stop to keep reducing our environmental footprint without compromising quality.