IPX5 Aquashield Water Repellent Zippers

   BangBanson ®
   Water Repellent zipper

Specially treated to withstand moisture and corrosion, BangBanson® water repellent zippers are polyurethane coated reverse zippers manufactured with the latest technology to give lasting protection.

Why Choose BangBanson®'s water repellent zipper?


Patented technology

With BangBanson®’s independent developed zipper laminating machine, our water repellent zipper comes with high performance but affordable price ratio.


Highly customizable

BangBanson® brings can bring rough ideas from design, manufacturing to delivery. Everything is customizable including zipper teeth, tape, slider, top & bottom stopper.


Unique formulated TPU

With BangBanson®’s special formulated TPU membrane, our zipper has superior abrasive resistance and better waterproof performance compare to others (in-ho lab tested). It also adds durability to the zipper without losing softness.


Extra tight slit

BangBanson®’s upgraded nylon long chain using high-density AA-grade thread cloth tape results in a tight slit with great waterproofness and smooth operation.


Heat press adaptable

BangBanson®’s special reactive adhesive allow our zippers to resist high temperature up to 180℃, which means it can easily go under heat press machine or ironning.


Flexible at under -40℃

BangBanson®’s special reactive adhesive proved to allow our zippers to stay flexible under -40℃, which means it will not become fragile or stiff and stay functional under extreme cold wheather.


Stand for 1 hour 100℃ boiling test

BangBanson®’s w.r. zipper proved to stand 100℃ boiling test in 1 hour. this test indicates that our zipper can tolerate temperature of drying machine/ ship cabin without any damages.

Don’t know what zipper to choose? Our specialists can help!


Countless collections to choose

Looking for inspiration? BangBanson® provides countless w.r. zipper collections for you to choose. We can customize your zippers according to how, where, and the reason you will use them.

Our factory at a glance:

Styles Line up:

Regular Black

Black is authoritative and powerful. It is a classic color for clothing, possibly because it makes the wearer appear thinner and more sophisticated.

Color film & Neon

With colour film-laminated zippers, not only are the colours more vibrant, but the colour difference is also smaller compared to zippers using transparent film. We colour match with the zip using professional instruments to minimise colour differences.


Our metallic range zippers are laminated with water repellent films with a distinctive metallic sheen, making gold, silver and other metallic colours a possibility. A different aesthetic from the usual water resistant zips, giving your products a new look and feel.

Color strip

Strip in the middle with customized color

Sparkle color strip

Strip in the middle in sparkle version.

Silver/ Metallic color teeth

Plating looking teeth showed in a 1mm slit.


Special shape hole punching style

Textured/ Special surface

The 3D Texture range water resistant zips are specially embossed to create unique textures, including faux leather, plant patterns, graphics and more. Available in different colours. We are more than happy to develop bespoke patterns.


Surface of Chromaflair range changes color depending on the light source and viewing angle. Provides a sense of cyber look.


Reflective range zipper delivers high brightness for a stronger, more vibrant, versatile choice for your apparel designs. Great for safty clothings.

Temp./ UV-color changing

Color changes from one to another by receiving certain amount of heat or UV light. Mainly two colors from one to another.

Logo printing

Customize your logo in any color.

Find some difficulties choosing zipper?