Medical Protective Suit Tapes

BangBanson’s medical protective suit tapes are adhesive tapes used in medical settings to cover the seams of non-woven surgical protective suits, providing your customers with reliable protection from the germs outside. Our PPE tapes constitute an effective odour barrier, ensuring that no unwanted smells or pathogens can leak through.


Medical Protective Suit Tapes


Polyester Taffeta + Film + Hot Melt Adhesive


BM3030 Green

BM3030 Blue

Standard Specs


Application Stats

230°C-320°C, 1.5-2kg, 10m/min


Low application temperature, strong adhesive sealing force, waterproof, dustproof, provides a superb odour and bacteria barrier.

Used on

Seam sealing for various non-woven PP+PE/PE/TPU-coated or otherwise coated fabric products.


For various medical protective suits and general isolation/anti-pathogen suits.

*This type of product requires the customer to choose a heat press machine and adjust the parameters of the machine according to their own fabric and equipment requirements.

According to different application machines and Fabric will have adjustable data, All data are for reference only. Please get in touch with our sales reps for Further more accurate & up-to-date informations