Our Products

Seam Sealing Tapes

BangBanson’s seam sealing tapes offer the strength, versatility and waterproofing that you need to make all of your wearable items more weather resistant. They adhere to your fabrics with outstanding bonding strength, block out water even under high water pressure, endure a high number of wash cycles, and look amazing on top of that!

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Reflective Materials

BangBanson’s extra luminous reflective films are applied on hi vis workwear to ensure the wearer’s visibility and safety on site. With a high degree of flexibility, they block colour transfer from the fabric below it during heat pressing so you know its luminance won’t be compromised.

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Hot Melt Adhesives

Remarkably smooth, soft, and breathable, BangBanson’s hot melt adhesives are the answer to creating seamless clothes that get rid of abrasive seaming on sportswear for endurance sports.

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Water Repellent Zippers

Choose BangBanson’s water repellent zippers to stay geared up for the roughest of weather and the toughest of adventures.

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