Outdoor Clothing

As any experienced mountain climber can tell you, staying dry is the key to staying warm, and that, in turn, is the key to staying safe in the cold. That’s why you need to pay attention to how your seams are holding up against the harsh elements. Companies spend a fortune developing the perfect, waterproof materials, but once they’re stitched together, all the moisture you’ve been blocking will just go through the seams. That’s where we come in. Our seam sealing tapes will adhere to your fabric with outstanding bonding strength (meaning it won’t easily peel away), block out water even under high water pressure (so you know it’ll withstand even the more extreme weather events), endure a high number of wash cycles, and look amazing on top of that!

Our 3-ply seam sealing tapes are great on outdoor clothing and supplies. If you want a specific type of fabric, colour, pattern or texture for that top layer, we’ve got it covered. We’ve even got 4-way stretch tapes and surgical PPE tapes for your pick!

Check out our 3-layer seam sealing tapes4-way stretch tapes, and more!