Seam Tapes

3-Layer Seam Sealing Tapes

Consisting of a layer of backer fabric, waterproof barrier, and hot melt adhesive, 3-layer seam sealing tapes are designed to seal outdoor jacket and other functional garments seams. It prevents water from entering through the seams. Our seam tapes have been tested to perform better than many competitive seam tapes in rain and moisture penetration tests.

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Single Jersey Seam Tapes

Single jersey seam tapes use single jersey fabrics as its backer, which is lighter, thinner and more breathable. They are particularly suited to sealing the seams of light functional garments.

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2-Way Stretch Twill Seam Tapes

The backer fabric on this tape has a pattern of diagonal parallel ribs. Great for use on twill garments.

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4-Way Stretch Tapes

BangBanson’s 4-way stretch tapes are ideal for sealing seams on elastic fabrics. They use fabrics that stretch lengthwise and sideways to seal the seams of dive suits, swimwear and other stretchy products. The tape stretches and recovers with the garment, without restricting wearers’ movement.

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Medical PPE Tapes

BangBanson’s medical protective suit tapes are adhesive tapes used in medical settings to cover the seams of non-woven surgical protective suits, providing your customers with reliable protection from the germs outside. Our PPE tapes constitute an effective odour barrier, ensuring that no unwanted smells or pathogens can leak through.

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Plastic-Dotted Tapes

BangBanson supplies plastic-dotted tapes and other custom texture tapes to create the best look for your products.

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