Services & FAQ

Looking for inspirations?

No problem! We have countless collections of products to help you choose and inspire you. We welcome any suggestions and integrate our expertise and technology to come up with something unique.


Have a draft of design?

No problem if you already have a design. We will use it for making your customized accessories. Originality adds credibility to any products and helps to boost your brand image.

Only with a rough idea?

Bangbanson® is great at making a rough idea into existence. You can check out our treasure trove of samples. You’ll be surprised when your custom accessories with your idea start to materialize.


Easy to work with Bangbanson®

Apart from our strong production capabilities, Bangbanson® stands out as a outdoor accessories manufacturer because of our wide variety of customization and industry expertise. When you work with us, not only do you get to configure your custom accessories the way you envision them, but you also work with seasoned experts that know how to bring your ideas to life ideally.

Production time frame relies on several factors, including order quantity and degree of customization. Typical purchases usually have a delivery time of 7 to 14 days, while orders with extremely large order volumes would require separate schedules. For customized garment accessories, our consultants will devise a dedicated production plan to accommodate your specific requirements within a suitable time frame.

Yes, it’s possible to expedite the production process for your customized orders. As the entire production process is handled in-house, we can properly manage production times without compromising quality. Let us know your target deadline, and we will properly coordinate with our manufacturing team to make it happen.

With an optimized production process and strong partnerships with material suppliers, we can maintain a competitive price while upholding high quality standards. You can also get better prices when you order in larger quantities, as higher volumes make production more cost-effective. We also offer some limited-time specials that you can take advantage of for more savings.

Most samples are provided to you free of charge, you only need to pay for transportation, allowing you to experience what we offer before making a payment. Once we proceed to mass production, we would require an advance payment of 30% after order confirmation.

At Bangbanson®, we place great value on product quality and customer satisfaction. If any products gets damaged during transit or you are not satisfied with the final product, notify our business experts, and we will take care of it immediately. After assessing the situation, we will quickly provide the appropriate response, whether make adjustments to the products or send replacements.