Single Jersey Seam Tapes

Single jersey seam tapes use single jersey fabrics as its backer, which is lighter, thinner and more breathable. They are particularly suited to sealing the seams of light functional garments.


Single Jersey Seam Tapes


Polyester + TPU waterproof barrier + hot melt adhesive


BMB-3A All Black Single Jersey

BMB-3A Grey Single Jersey

BMB-3A Dark Grey Single Jersey

BMS-G12D all Black Single Jersey

Standard Specs


15c x 15mm, 15c x 20mm

Application Stats

450°C-530°C, 1.5kg, 4m/min

400°C, 2kg, 5m/min


Highly windproof, highly waterproof, moisture permeable and breathable, ageing resistant, slightly elastic, little tape mark

Used on

For common two- or three-layer fabrics, chiffon three-layer fabrics, lighter outdoor clothing

Low temperature 3-layer fabrics.


Special tape for sealing sportswear, outdoor clothing, light chiffon triple-layer jackets, seat covers, car seams, etc.

Sportswear, outdoor clothing, light chiffon triple-layer jackets.

According to different application machines and Fabric will have adjustable data, All data are for reference only. Please get in touch with our sales reps for Further more accurate & up-to-date informations